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Slim design and premium materials

The Baseus Smooth Writing Series features a slim and sophisticated design that is sure to catch your attention. The pens are made from premium metal and plastic materials, providing a solid and classy feel. Its luxurious beauty makes it a great accessory for your Microsoft device.

Sensitive pen tip

The Baseus Smooth Writing Series pen tips are designed for responsive and accurate feedback. This feature allows you to write and draw with ease and precision, making it perfect for taking notes, sketching or creating detailed works of art.

Compatible with drawing and note-taking apps

Baseus Smooth Writing Series is compatible with a wide range of drawing and note-taking applications available on Microsoft devices. This feature allows you to take full advantage of your device’s capabilities and make full use of it.

Battery for all day use

Specifically, Baseus Stylus battery for up to 13 hours of continuous use and up to 12 months of standby time, safe and durable over time.


Baseus Smooth Writing Series is not limited to use on Microsoft devices only. You can use it on other devices like phones and tablets, making it a versatile tool for your everyday writing and drawing needs.

The Baseus Smooth Writing Series is a must-have accessory for anyone who owns a Microsoft device. Slim design, responsive tip, application compatibility, rechargeable battery, versatility, metal clip, comfortable grip, lightweight construction, and a wide range of colors are its great features for all your writing and drawing needs. Try it today and experience the difference it can make to your work and creativity.



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